How to protect yourself from online shopping mishaps


We've all heard stories that someone ordered something online but received worthless junk like bricks, potatoes, soap, etc. Most of us ignore these news saying "it is very rare, it won't happen with us". There are also some people that say "I shop from ___ site, it has much better track record than others". 

But believe me, when your luck runs out, it runs out. During the recent Durga Puja sales, I've seen reports of people being scammed while shopping from established giants like Amazon and Flipkart as well as newcomers like Meesho. In fact, even I was scammed once(although it was partly my fault that I didn't made sure my order was fulfilled by Amazon), but I was fortunate enough to get a full refund. 

So here are some tips to avoid such mishaps when shopping online

  1. Most of these mishaps happen with prepaid orders, so always choose pay on delivery options if possible. 
  2. Some products are eligible for delivery time inspection by delivery agent(Open Box Delivery by Flipkart, Open Box Inspection by Amazon), add them whenever they're available.
  3. Always record the full unboxing video just to be safe, so that the company/seller can't accuse you of switching the product. 
  4. If possible, investigate the delivery service being used by the seller. Some delivery services have horrible track record(Shiprocket for example, is responsible for the incident happened to me). 


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