What to gift a Techie(Tech Enthusiast)?

 I just saw the latest video by JayzTwoCents, and it got me thinking "We(techies) do end up with some generic gifts that we don't need and throw them away in our storage". So I thought let's make an Indian version(with products readily available in India) of that list. 

Tech Satori gift for techie

Stream Deck

Whenever someone mentions Stream Deck, majority of people assume that it is used for streaming. But in fact it can do much more than that. Productive people(editors, designers, digital artists, devs) often end up repeating certain action over and over again, while it is possible to bind macros, we often end up creating 3 key combinations that are not conflicting with other existing key bindings of the OS/Software. And the experience of activating those macros is not so smooth, Stream deck can overcome that. 

Not only that, stream deck can also be used to operate smart home appliances from your desk. If the person doesn't already own a Stream Deck, they'll definitely appreciate receiving one. 

Stream Deck is available in 3 different sizes: Standard Stream Deck, Stream Deck XL, Stream Deck Mini.

Graphic/Drawing Tablets

Similar to Stream Deck, Drawing Tablets are also associated with specific niche. People assume that they are for digital artists, but in fact their use case is much more wider than that. They can be used for precision pointing(illustrations, 3D modeling, architectural concepts, etc), presentation purposes(in office or online education), efficiently managing digital paperwork and many more. 

Now I know that not all techies have a use for Drawing Tablets, but a majority of use wouldn't mind having one around if the need arises. Good thing about Graphic tablets is they are relatively affordable than most gift-able items for tech lovers. 

Some pocket friendly Drawing Tablets are : XP-Pen StarG640, Huion HS64, Wacom One.

Portable Storage Media

We techies can never have enough storage devices, we are spoiled that way 😅.

There are some cheap USB 3 thumb drives and type C OTG drives available for cheap. If that person owns a digital camera(SLR or Mirrorless) they may also be glad to receive SDXC cards. 


Once again, we can never have enough storage, specially if you offer us SSD. 

While we prefer 500GB or higher NVMe drives, we will gladly accept even 120GB SATA SSDs as gift. WD SN550 500GB.

Amazon Gift Cards

If you are still not sure what to gift your techie, then you can simply get them a custom amazon gift card. Trust me, we will appreciate a ₹500 gift card over a ₹5,000 worth item that we don't need. 

Note: I am aware that there are many gift-able items that I have not included in the list, like Smart band, earphones, etc. But there is a high chance that a Techie may already own one of those. So unless you are getting latest top of the line product, there is a high probability that you're wasting the money by getting those. Hence "Amazon Gift Cards" instead of those items. 

And if you'd rather gift non tech items then you can browse this page for gift ideas. 


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