What is the purpose of Sticky Keys?

 First thing first, if you are here reading my blog post, there is a high probability that you got annoyed with it and wondering who needs that? Well I will answer that and also tell you how to disable it permanently. 

Before I continue, let me give you a backstory on why I got the idea of writing this post. If you are a regular reader of my blog, or if you know me personally, then you may know that I'm a strong supporter of open source softwares so I've been using Linux as my primary OS for a long time. Recently I upgraded to a better laptop and as usual, it came with Windows 10 preinstalled. I decided to keep it and setting up my usual softwares and accidentally triggered that pop-up

sticky keys purpose

Out of annoyance, I muttered "Who the hell needs sticky keys?". It was just a rhetorical question but I realised some might be actually asking that. 

So what does Sticky Keys do?

As you can read in the pop-up message, it lets you press the control keys(SHIFT, CTRL, ALT and Windows) just once instead to keep pressing it to invoke shortcuts. Take CTRL+ALT+DELETE for example, instead of pressing and holding down each keys, you can simply press each key once to trigger the task manager. 

Who needs Sticky Keys?

People with certain physical condition or disabilities that prevent them from pressing multiple keys at once as easily as normal people. Or some people that just prefer doing it that way. 

How do I disable Sticky keys pop-ups?

It shouldn't be difficult for most people but if for some reason, you can't figure it out, then there are two different ways of doing that

1. Easy but prepared to be annoyed by it one last time: Press SHIFT key 5 times and then click on the "Disable this keyboard shortcut in Ease of Access keyboard settings" link on the pop-up. It will then take you to following screen where you can disable it. 

sticky keys purpose

2. Using control panel: If for some reason you are still using older version of Windows, you might not have that new "simpler" settings menu. Then you will have to turn to our trusty control panel. 

Open control panel, click Ease of Access, From there look for "Make the keyboard easier to use"(should be under "Ease of Access Center". And finally from there click on "Set up Sticky Keys". Uncheck the Keyboard shortcut option from there.

sticky keys purpose

And you are done, now continue your life with one less annoying thing. Thanks for your time. 


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