How to fix Tata Sky Pairing Error code 14

Tech Satori Fix Tata Sky Pairing Error

Last night when my parents turned on the TV, they got the following error message:

This is the wrong card for this set top box

(Pairing Error)

NDS N0.: ***** **** **** **** *

Digicard ID is **** **** ****


 So like any other user, my first instinct was to switch off the set top box then turn it on again. When it didn't work, I removed the card, cleaned the dust and re-inserted it. Still no result. 

That's when I turned to Google for solution as it was late at night and the Tata Sky office/outlet near me was closed. After going through the Google search results, I realized that it is a fairly common issue with a lot of Tata Sky user. The default channel(Channel 100) works fine but as soon as you try to watch any other channel, you are greeted with above error message. 

So what is the reason behind this error?

A lot of the articles said that it generally happens when you stop recharging for a while and then recharge it or when you recharged your Tata Sky, your TV(Set top box) was off. It was neither of those cases for us, so my guess is, there were some syncing issues with Tata Sky database. 

How to fix the Tata Sky pairing error?

Most commons solutions in most articles were

  1. Give a call to 9040590405(your call will be disconnected automatically) with your registered mobile number while keeping your set top box on.
  2. Report the issue with the Tata Sky app.
  3. Just wait till it fixes itself.
  4. Master Reset the Set Top Box.

While the first 3 solutions as simple enough for most user and often fixes the issue as well. They didn't work for. Then I went ahead an tried the 4th solution(which I do not recommend if you never set up the first installation), it also failed on me. 

Then I started digging out more fixes and found a post(lost the link as I wasn't planning to write this post until an hour ago) which mentioned sending a SMS. You need to send "HR [Tata Sky ID]" to 56633 as shown in the image below(you can use any phone number but registered SIM is recommended). 

Tech Satori Fix Pairing Error

This method worked for me and I hope it worked for you as well. If not, the contact your distributor, they'll guide you or send a technician to fix it for you.


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