How to run Minecraft Java on Dedicated GPU - Laptop User Guide

I have been on Linux for a while and haven't used Windows for almost a year. Just a couple of days ago I installed Windows 11 on my Laptop. So I faced the issue that I almost forgotten about, Minecraft Java was running on iGPU(RX Vega 6 in my case) instead of GTX 1650 Max Q. While my iGPU is more than enough to play Minecraft with smooth FPS, running shaders will require the dedicated GPU. 

Now that issue is also present on Linux as well, because graphical requirements of Minecraft is so low that it will run just fine on any recent processor with iGPU. But the solution to this issue in Linux was very simple, all I had to do was right click and select "Launch using Dedicated Graphics Card". 

Unfortunately windows doesn't work that way. It has been so long that I forgotten the path to Minecraft Java executable in Windows system, so like any other user I turned to Google. Then I realized that top results on Google are outdated. 
Example Article 1

Example Article 2

Updated location of Minecraft Java Executable

To keep this guide relevant in near future as well, I will tell how to find out the location of the executable instead of writing the full path here. So here are the steps to find the Minecraft Java Executable location.
  1. Run Minecraft Java(launch the game, not the launcher)
  2. Open Task Manager
  3. Look for JDK binary in running apps(name may vary depending on the JDK you have installed), right click and select Open file location

  4. Now click on the address bar to get the full path of the directory(you can simply paste that address when browsing for programs stage in the guides below). 

 Guide 1: Run Minecraft Java using Nvidia GPU on Laptops 

  1. Open Nvidia Control Panel app
  2. Select Manage 3D settings
  3. Go to Program Settings tab and click add, now paste the address you copied previously in the explorer and select javaw.exe
  4. Now select High-performance NVIDIA processor as the preferred graphics processor. 

Guide 2: Run Minecraft Java using AMD GPU on Laptops

  1. Open AMD Radeon settings app
  2. Select System and there select Switchable Graphics tab
  3. Click Browse to add jawaw.exe as mentioned above and set it to High Performance

After following the above steps, you can enjoy shaders with your dedicated GPU. 

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