Fix Minecraft crashing with OBS

 Disclaimer: This is neither a guaranteed fix nor a reliable one, just my findings as a Minecraft content creator.

Issue symptoms: When running Minecraft Java Edition and OBS together, Minecraft often crashes, specially when you minimize Minecraft for a moment.

If your symptoms aren't like that, feel free to stop and look for solution elsewhere. Also I'm on a laptop with Nvidia GPU, if you don't have Nvidia GPU, then this article is useless for you. 

minecraft crashing with OBS

How did I fix my Minecraft crashing with OBS?

Like I mentioned, I use a laptop with Nvidia GPU. All I had to do was to open GeForce Experience app, click settings(gear icon pointed by the hand on top right) and enable In-game overlay(enclosed in white rectangle). 

fixing minecraft crashing with obs

Once again, as I mentioned in the beginning, this isn't a guaranteed fix. But it stopped crashing my Minecraft for my case.

If this works for you then do let me know in comments. If it doesn't work then I am truly sorry but I don't know any other solution. 


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