MaskGun Review - India's FPS Game

 Just a couple of days ago, MaskGun crossed 60 million downloads. Although I started testing it last month, my review got delayed due to some personal reasons. But, I'm glad it delayed, because I got to test my theory using anniversary sale.

MaskGun : About the game

MaskGun is a Multiplayer FPS game published by SuperGaming and is available for free on Android & iOS. It has mostly positive reviews on both platforms. 

Game Modes : It currently has very few game modes and no Battle Royale mode. On public servers, you can earn Rewards like Gold, Exp and Loot Boxes. At the time of writing the review, only Deathmatch and Team Deathmatch are playable but there are clear indications of an upcoming Rumble(1v1) mode. I've also seen seen some other modes mentioned here and there like Control Point and Bomb Defusal, but I guess they keep cycling those "extra" modes as they're nowhere to be found in the game. I don't blame them as they claim "small game size", having those extra modes and maps will definitely increase the size.

If you prefer to play with your friends in private lobby then you can do that too.

Graphics and other settings : MaskGun doesn't overwhelm you with a ton of settings like other major games(eg- PUBG/BGMI, COD). Every game setting is covered in one screen. However, you are not allowed to customize the HUD from the lobby, you can only customize it after you enter a match. You'll be killed multiple times while customizing if your opponents are aggressive players. 

Graphically it looks pretty for the game size and should be fine on older and low end devices. However, they should work on optimizing the game as my FPS kept going all over the place on my phone, sometimes dipping below 30FPS. Which felt weird as I can run BGMI and COD mobile at 60FPS. 

MaskGun Review

Now time for my experience and opinion. As I mentioned earlier, I have downloaded the game last month and was playing it whenever I got time. I didn't want to judge the by only playing couple of matches. My goal was to reach at-least level 10 before writing a review. So here's a summary of my journey to level 10. 

1. The beginning : In my early matches I was dominating other players as expected. Because, I may be new to the game but I have years of practice in mobile FPS. That was also the reason that I noticed something that could potentially ruin the gaming experience. 

2. Leveling Up : As I kept progressing, my suspicion grew stronger about the level system. Certain weapons unlock at certain levels and they're much more powerful than lower level weapons. But that's not the issue here, there are some "special" weapons that can be unlocked buy spending real money and totally overpower lower level weapons of the same tier.

3. Proving my "pay to win" theory : As I mentioned in the beginning, there are some anniversary sale offers in the game. I had some extra balance in my Google play account, which I used on one such offer and unlocked XM-8. The base damage of XM-8 is 194, and for scale, usually the best AR that my opponents and teammates use is FAMAS, with base damage of 145. Otherwise they're carrying ARX-160, with damage points around 100-120(if they've upgraded it). So you can clearly imagine who will in a firefight.

Having a "paid gun" gives you unfair advantage

Verdict: Another potentially good game held back by "pay to win" structure. 


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