Why You Should Build A Villager Trading Hall

 Villager Trading halls pretty popular among youtubers, specially the ones playing on servers. But why do they go through the trouble of building one? Should you invest your time setting up one in your world too?

Here are my top 3 reasons why you should build a villager trading hall

1. Easy XP source early game: If you haven't built an efficient XP farm like Zombified Piglin farm or Endermen Farm, trading with villagers can yield high amounts of XP quickly. All you need is some cheap farms and relevant villager to trade with. For example, a tree farm and fletcher villager, Melon/Pumpkin farm and farmer villager, Sweet Berry farm and Butcher villager, etc.

2. Renewable source of rare and hard to obtain items: If you set up a mega trading hall with 5-10 villagers of each profession, then you may never have to go mining/hunting for some of the stuffs again. Like Redstone, Glowstone, Ender pearls from cleric, Golden carrots and Glistering Melon from farmers, Various tipped arrows from fletcher, unlimited name tags from librarian, etc.

3. Renewable source of Diamond tools and Gears: If you have Master level Armorer, Toolsmith and Weaponsmith, then you'll only need to mine 2 diamonds, for Enchanting Table. You can use the rest of diamonds for decoration(or trading with your friends on server). 

Therefor you should build some sort of Villager Trading Hall/Center in my opinion.


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