Intel 12th gen is officially announced, here is everything we know

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 After a long streak of leaks regarding Intel's 12th gen processors, they have now officially announced the launch revealing confirmed specifications and pricing. 

Intel Alder-lake(12th gen) Specs

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With Alder Lake, Intel raised the core count, but in unusual way. They have now introduced new efficiency cores, a concept popular in Mobile chips. Now some people are questioning this decision as adding regular "performance" cores and letting the scheduler pick the cores essentially yield similar results. 

In Intel's defense, they have included "Thread Detector" to help the OS Scheduler to allocate core properly/efficiently(read the product brief here). 

Another noticeable change is the increased L3 Cache size, i5-12600K has now more L3 cache than i9-11900K. There have been conclusive tests proving 6 cores with more cache can catch up to 8 cores in gaming. Thus you can expect significant gaming boost with new processors. Intel also provided some gaming benchmarks at the launch(which is funny as Intel has been "anti-benchmarks" in past couple of years).

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Intel also revealed some info about new 600 series chipsets for Alder Lake, I'm pretty sure a lot of Z690 Motherboards will be popping up in your news feeds by the time you read this post. 

Tech Satori

Intel Alder Lake(12th gen) price and availability

The unveiled 12th gen processors will go on sale from November 4th, 2021. So far only the locked processors have been unveiled so we are yet to be informed about the remaining locked processors and entry level i3 variants. Folks at videocardz.com have done a great job at summarizing the specs and prices in a table below

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However, one thing to note here is that these prices are "direct customer prices", ie cost per unit for an order of 1000 units. So you can expect higher shelf prices for DIY market. 

What about Intel 12th gen pricing in India?

Well ideally it should be US pricing + 18% GST. But Indian market works in mysterious ways and we often end up with much higher prices. So I'll refrain from guessing Indian market pricing. 


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