PC build under ₹10,000

 Typically I'd strongly advise against buying a PC in this budget. But, as an Indian, I know ₹30-40,000 low budget PC aren't really affordable in many household. In fact, even spending ₹10,000 is a huge deal for many families. So if a kid shows interest in computer science and coding, they often end up with recycled Core 2 Duo builds. While it is enough to learn fundamentals of coding, I wouldn't personally recommend Core 2 Duo for learning coding for any kid serious about their future in computer field. Because, as I mentioned, Core 2 Duo is still technically capable of running all the compilers and interpreters out there, but companies use different IDEs and frameworks than the ones taught in schools. These companies prefer someone already familiar with the IDEs and framework they use so that they don't have to invest their time and resources training someone from scratch. 

So if you are that kid dreaming about a career in computer science/application or you are the parent of such ambitious kid, let me help you get a cheap PC that wouldn't just crash if you run a somewhat modern software on it. 


Any 3rd gen i3/i5 or better. Every student start with one of 3 programming languages: C/C++, Java or Python. While the minimum requirement for running all 3 are so low that you basically just need a functional PC, once you move away from school textbook level coding, you enter the realm of projects that require some sort of file and database management. And when you are running other programs in background(like a local database), those measly Core 2 Duo really start to struggle, specially when you are using a more streamlined IDE for coding. 

so for this build guide, I am going with Core i3 3240


Since such old processors are typically tray/OEM packages, they don't come with a cooler. Since these older processors don't generate that much heat compared to modern processors, any Intel stock cooler style cooler with be sufficient. So I picked this cooler.


The processor I chose is not in production since 2015(that's why they are so cheap, they are either recycled or unused bulk orders). So obviously it isn't possible to find a motherboard from big brands. Hence I picked this Consistent CMB H61 motherboard. You can get any other brand if you want, I just went with cheaper option. 


I personally feel that everyone should have at least 16GB RAM these days but we are limited by our budget here, so I'm going with Consistent 8GB DDR3 1600MHz. Again, you can get any brand, I just picked a cheaper model. 
Reminder, do not get 4GB RAM to save ₹300-500, Windows run poorly on 4GB RAM. 


For storage, you MUST HAVE SSD for Windows these days. Trust me, even my 6 core Ryzen processor felt slow on HDD with Windows 10. Fortunately, SSDs are a lot more affordable these days that even a ₹10,000 build can be done with SSD. I picked this EVM 128GB SSD but you can choose any 128GB SSD. I know 128GB isn't much and I strongly advised against 128GB SSDs in past but that was for much higher budget builds. If you keep only the required software on the PC then it will be enough. You can add bigger SSD/HDD later. 


I have wrote multiple articles about good and bad PSU. Unfortunately we have to go with a "bad" PSU in this build. But don't worry, since this PC doesn't need a lot of power, those dirt cheap PSUs will do the job without issues. I went with ANT Esports VS400L here but you can go for even cheaper options from the likes of Zebronics, Artis, etc. While the PC nerd in me hates to recommend these PSUs, we have to be reasonable due to low budget. 


Due to our low budget, you should get whatever that is cheapest available to you. I found this cheap Frontech Cyber Silver series cabinet that doesn't look half bad for the price. 


This will be the most expensive part of this setup. While you can find even cheaper displays, I wanted something that is widescreen(16:9 ratio) as most of the apps are optimized for widescreen these days. So I picked the first widescreen monitor I found which happens to be this 18.5inch monitor from Frontech. 

Keyboard & Mouse

Once again, I just picked the cheapest combo I saw first, which in this case was Zebronics Judwaa 555 USB keyboard and mouse combo.


YouTube has become number 1 destination for free education. There are thousands of free tutorials and courses on YouTube. So obviously you need some sort of audio output. While earphones will be fine for this, I'm assuming just in case you don't have one to use with PC, you can get these cheap USB powered speakers. The Zebronics Zeb-Pluto will be loud and clear enough for small rooms. 

The overall cost of this entire setup will be under ₹10,000. There is one extra expense that isn't covered here, operating system. Technically Microsoft provides us a free version of Windows with watermark and some limited customisation option, which wouldn't be a hinderance for learning purpose. But in case that watermark annoys you, you can acquire OEM license for less ₹700 from local PC retailers. Or if your kid is resourceful enough, there are *cough* other free ways *cough* to get Windows license. 
Also there is another way to use the PC without Windows, use Linux. I recommend Zorin OS Education Edition for kids as it comes preloaded with bunch of educational games and software. 

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