Budget PC build under ₹50000, Christmas 2023

 I haven't done one of these PC build guides in a long time. So without any further ado, lets get right into it. 


Ryzen 5 4500

While i3-12100F is often available at similar or cheaper price and has stronger single core performance, I'm not very comfortable recommending 4 core processor in 2023. Pretty much every game and software are benefiting from multiple cores nowadays. Now I know despite being 4000 series, Ryzen 5 3600 is still a better choice overall, but 4500 is cheaper. And with the limited budget like this, we can't be too picky. 


Gigabyte A520M K

One of the main reason why I picked AMD over Intel in this budget. AMD provides similar feature set for much cheaper. If I had chosen Intel, I could've gotten only H610 motherboards by paying a bit more. Now some of you might be wondering "why not B450 motherboard then". While B450 are great value and are still available under ₹7000, most of them don't support Ryzen 4000 series and newer without BIOS update. If you have the resources to update the BIOS then definitely go with B450.  


Silicon Power XPOWER Zenith DDR4 16GB (8GBx2) 3200MHz CL16

Silicon power is still a relatively newer brand in Indian market but they make excellent budget RAM and SSD. It is possible to get 2 single 8GB sticks separately for cheaper but kits like these are tested to work together. 


Crucial P3 1TB NVMe

Games and software really benefit a lot from SSD nowadays and SSDs have come down in the price a lot. They are not that much more expensive from HDD but sure are 15-30times faster. Even older SATA SSDs are 3-5 times faster than HDD. I picked 1TB drive for 2 reasons, games and software are getting bigger and bigger nowadays and the motherboard I picked has only 1 M.2 slot, so I wanted to populate it with the biggest drive possible in budget.

Graphics card

The star component of the build. I will not say any name but I saw a video from a somewhat popular PC store on YouTube that built a "gaming PC" for a kid who wanted to play Minecraft, GTA 5 and some other lightweight games. They gave the kid i5-12400f and GTX 1650 in the 50k build. While the build is more than sufficient for the games kid mentioned, it was a terrible build. There is no point in pairing DDR5 RAM with Intel 12th gen unless you're getting 7000MHz or faster RAM. 

I will give 3 GPU options for 3 types of PC users. 

1. Gamers

RX 6600 8GB

If the primary use case is gaming then RX 6600 is best options in this range, period. Yes you can get a RTX 3050 by paying a bit more and get good stuff like ray tracing and NVENC encoder but without DLSS, it doesn't stand a chance against RX 6600. And please don't get 3050 for ray tracing, even RTX 3060 is barely enough for ray tracing.

2. Video editors

Intel Arc A750

While RX 6600 is decent for video editing, Arc A750 is recommended over both AMD and NVIDIA in budget builds. Also if you are building your PC for video editing, I'll strongly recommend increasing your budget and get i5-12400(not the F variant, stay away from 12400F) with a B660 motherboard. 

3. 3D modelling and animation aspirants

RTX 3050

The only scenario that I'll recommend RTX 3050, ever. I'd still say get a RTX 3060 12GB if possible. 3D software still work best with NVIDIA. If you are sure of your render engine and its performance with AMD and Intel, you can get them but more often than not, NVIDIA does perform a lot better. 

Power Supply

If you stick with the 3 GPUs(RX 6600, Arc A750 and RTX 3050) then 450W PSU is enough. But if you decided to get something more powerful, 550W minimum is recommended. 

So I'm recommending Deepcool PK450D 450W 80+ Bronze PSU.


This is a personal choice and honestly there aren't many "great" options with the budget left. So I'd go with Ant Esports ICE-100. It is big enough to house full size ATX motherboards and typical tower cooler. Fans are not addressable but are RGB. 

Once again, pick anything you want but don't get anything too cheap. Cheap cabinets also have bad quality, one of my friends has a really cheap cabinet that didn't come with all the required screws and motherboard standoffs are really loose.

So here's the ₹50,000 PC build summary.

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