₹50,000 Gaming PC Build - Christmas 2022

₹50000 gaming pc

 I haven't done one of these "______ PC build" posts in quite some time. That's mainly due to the ridiculous price hike of PC components in past couple of years. But now prices are going back to somewhat normal, so I think it's time do one post. 

First of all, I'd like to address that with launch of Ryzen 7000, Intel 13th gen processors as well as RTX 3000, 4000 and Radeon 6000(and upcoming 7000) series graphic cards, people seem to be blinded by sheer amount of FPS these new products churn out. People are sort of misjudging what is the minimum they need to buy to get a pleasant gaming experience. 

Realistically speaking, all those single player story games(Cyberpunk 2077, Read Dead Redemption 2, etc) are more than enjoyable at steady 45+ FPS. And competitive games like Valorant, Fortnite, CSGO are still very enjoyable at 150+ FPS if you aren't participating in tournaments. On top of that, there are some multiplayer shooters where 60FPS vs 120+ FPS doesn't make that big of a difference, like PUBG and Halo Infinite. 

Another thing people in budget tend to forget that you don't have to play all the AAA games in absolute max graphics for best visual experience. Youtuber Hardware Unboxed's Game Optimization Guides series is a proof of it. Once you drop down from "ultra" to "high" graphics settings, GPU requirements drop down a lot in most games. 

All the points I made so far is to let you(people in budget) know that just because newer components are much better, that doesn't mean couple generation older hardware are complete trash. Slightly older hardware are available such affordable prices that is still possible to enjoy all the latest games in budget. 

So let's begin the budget PC build that'll allow you to enjoy all the latest games

1. Processor


  Intel Core i3-10100F : This 4 Core 8 Thread CPU from 2020 is still more than capable of running all the latest games. At the launch it had to compete with the likes of Ryzen 3 3300X, Ryzen 5 2600, etc, so it wasn't that attractive back then. But now those competitions basically vanished from the market and it is now undisputed budget king. 

2. Motherboard


 Any H410, H510, B450 or B560 motherboard. For example, this ASUS Prime H510M is more than capable enough to run an i3. 

3. Memory/RAM


 Cheapest 2x8GB kit you can find. For example, this Patriot Memory Viper Steel DDR4 16GB (2 x 8GB) 3000MHz kit is a great deal. You can technically get by with 8GB RAM but seriously, if you can afford 16GB RAM then you should get it as games nowadays are using 10-12GB RAM. 

4. Storage


 Atleast 500GB SSD. You can go for 120/250GB SSD with 1/2TB HDD as well. But installing games on SSD dramatically reduces loading times as well as update time. This Crucial P3 500GB is available at great price at the time of writing this article. If pricing changes, you can go with WD SN570 and Kingston NV1 as well. Reminder: Even SATA 2.5in SSDs are drastically better than HDD for your OS and games. 

5. Graphics Card


 Graphics Cards are the star of gaming PC builds. Since we are in a budget, we must not go overboard with our pick. So I think this Asus TUF 1660 Super OC will be the ideal pairing for it. If you can afford to spend another ₹5000-6000 then a RX 6600 will be much better choice for gaming. You may also find RTX 2060 at cheaper price than a RX 6600, if you do, then you can consider it if you intend to do other stuff on your PC. Remember: Stay away from RTX 3050 unless you find a deal under ₹21,000. Both RTX 2060 and RX 6600 are much better and often found under ₹25,000.

6. Power Supply Unit


 A good 550W 80+ Bronze rated PSU will be plenty for this build. You can opt for 450W PSU if you are getting just the 1660 Super. But a decent 550W PSU like Deepcool PK550D will allow you to upgrade to slightly better components down the line. 

7. Cabinet/Case


 It is more of a personal taste thing, specially for such low TDP parts in this build. But you should aim for a case with decent airflow anyway as temperature in India crosses 40°C in summer. I think Ant Esports ICE-110 looks good and has decent airflow. 

Summary- ₹50,000 Gaming PC Build

50000 gaming pc

Closing Notes

Some of you might be aware that Intel motherboards typically support just two generation of processors. So there isn't much in terms of upgradability with that build. If there is a high probability of upgrading your system within next 1-2 years then I'd recommend saving a bit more and build with Intel 12th/13th gen or Ryzen 7000 processor. But if you won't be upgrading in next 3-5 years then above build is fine. 

Note 2: This post contains affiliate links, the ID associated with affiliate links receive a reward/commission on every purchase made via affiliated links.  


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