How to get A Complete Catalogue advancement in Minecraft Java

 Today I will be writing about another advancement in Minecraft Java that you won't be able to complete if you weren't specifically trying for it. A Complete Catalogue requires you to tame all 11 variants of cats. Cats aren't that hard to find, you just need to find a village. Wild/untamed cats run away from player, so you need to either be sneaky(literally, hold the fish in your hand and stand still in sneaking position, the cat will come to you) and be patient or just YOLO it(chasing after them, spam feeding them raw fish). Cats eat Raw Cod and Raw Salmon only, you may need to feed them multiple times to tame them(heart particles will appear and they will sit down. 

Cats spawn in a village every 1 minute given the village is large enough(1 cat for 4 beds). So you just need to find a good spot near village to spot them as soon as they spawn. However, there is 1 variant of cat that doesn't spawn in village, a black cat spawns only in Witch/Swamp hut. So you need to locate a swamp to complete your 'catalogue'. 

Note: all variants of cats spawn in villages now. 

Here are names and pictures of all cat variants

Various cats together [credit: Minecraft Fandom]

Every cat variants [credit: Minecraft Fandom]

I know watching them in pictures is different from watching them moving around, so if you want to see them on a video, watch this:


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