FAU-G: First impressions and review

 Ever since Akshay Kumar shared the teaser of FAU-G in October, it became the most hyped game in India. Some people were looking forward to it and some hardcore PUBG fans were pissed off about the ban and lashing out on it. Today, the game was made available for download and as an Indian gamer, I felt obligated to try out the 2nd most hyped game made in India(first being Raji: An Ancient Epic). So here are my first impressions cum review of the game. 

FAU-G review

When you launch the game, you are greeted with a clean minimalistic home screen. Your default character is a Sikh soldier. But be careful when entering your player name, as you can see I made a mistake and I was not able to locate any settings to modify my name. Talking about settings, here are the options available in settings menu

FAU-G review

 As you can see, settings menu is also very minimalistic just like the home screen. Every available settings can be seen on the screenshot above. By default it was on Medium graphics settings but my budget android device(Realme 6) was able to handle Ultra preset just fine. So I am pretty sure if you have a recent Android device with Android Oreo or newer, you should be able to play it.

FAU-G review

Going back to home screen and hitting play button brings out the above menu. I was disappointed to see only Campaign mode available as I was looking forward to some multiplayer action. But the good news is, 'team deathmatch' and 'free for all' modes are teased as coming soon. 

Now coming to campaign mode

FAU-G review

When you hit start, you're greeted with comic-book/motion-poster style intro which gives you a context of your mission. If you were following the hype then you already know that it is based on the incidents of Galwan Valley.

FAU-G review

I will not go into the details of the story line as the campaign is just 25 minutes long and anything I reveal will be a huge spoiler if you are looking forward to playing it. 


In terms of actually playing the game, your actions are very limited. Your HUD only consists of D-pad(for movement), melee switch(for switching between bare fist and melee weapons), attack and block buttons. I wished there were more options for player controls like sneak/crouch, jump, etc as there are no firearms in campaign mode(spoilers). There aren't any form of supplies but you can use 'fireplace' to heal and regain your stamina(we all know where we've seen that concept before).

FAU-G review

And if you're wondering how the fighting mechanics of the game looks like, here's a little clip from my gameplay

Overall, the gameplay reminded me a lot of an old fighting game: Fighting Tiger - Liberal. There's nothing more I can reveal about the campaign mode without making this post a big spoiler so I'll jump right to the conclusion.

My opinion/review

As an Indian, I was hoping for a great game specially after the phenomenal success of Raji: An Ancient Epic from an Indian game studio. But I was also prepared for a mediocre game. And that's what FAU-G is so far, a mediocre game. 
Graphics aren't bad but NPC AI needs some polishing. Each enemy soldiers seems to have some sort of 'engagement radius', if you walk out of it, they'll ignore you. At one stage I was surrounded by 6-7 enemy soldiers and 2 of them started walking back to their patrol because I almost walked out of compound fighting other soldiers. This can be exploited to single out each soldier and take care of them easily. Good thing is, there's a time limit so one must engage them all at once to save time. 
Another thing that bothered me was none of the enemies had any sort of firearms. What kind of army battalion camps with just Clubs, Axes and sharpened pipes for weapons? 
Other than these two issues, game is not bad at all, but it failed to live up to the hype and anticipation. I'm looking forward to multiplayer mode. Maybe multiplayer mode can help the game getting larger player base. One good thing about the game is that about 20% of your in-game purchases will be donated to Bharat Ke Veer Corpus Fund.

FAU-G review

So, that was my first impressions of the game. Have you tried it out yet? Leave your opinions in the comments section..


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