RTX 3080 Benchmarks are out

RTX 3080 Benchmarks are out and it seems like NVIDIA's claims were true

First thing first, I'd like to point out that Jensen Huang(CEO, NVIDIA) clearly stated that it is upto 2x faster than original RTX 2080. But if you see most of the memes on the internet, you'd think it is about 2x more powerful than 2080 or even 2080 Ti. So if you're expecting to see it humiliate the RTX 2080 Ti, then it's not happening.

Another thing to keep in mind that these graphics cards are currently limited by the processors. So focus on 1440p and 4k Benchmarks for its true potential. 

Without wasting any more of your time, here are some benchmark results.

As you can see, RTX 3080 does beat 2080 Ti comfortably. Which means NVIDIA's claim of RTX 3070 giving RTX 2080 Ti like performance may possibly be true.

Unfortunately, I can't include every single benchmark results of these awesome YouTubers in this post. Appreciate their hard-work by viewing their videos.


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